DIARY OF THE TRIPLET is a classic comedy movie serial that chronicles the story of three young men on their journey in pursuit of success. They were raised in Christian homes, but driven by an irresistible desire for success, they would do almost anything to break out of poverty.

Each SEASON unfolds a hilarious episode of their lives on this journey to success. THE TRIPLET, as they are called, are a nightmare, not just to their families and friends, but to everyone they encounter on this journey.

Diary Of The Triplet …a time to LAUGH!






The triplet, KC, LUME and GREG, set out on their journey in pursuit of success. Trapped in a web of frustration with no job, no money, no food, the trio resort to a romance with women of timber and caliber in view of a Soft Landing.

A nasty spin of events transports them from the thighs of the women to a season behind bars, where their fate is to be determined by the precision of two unpredictable detectives as they face the wrath of an aggrieved retired general.






When the going gets tough, it takes only the tough to keep going. And in the quest for Survival, “Jack of all Trade” becomes master of all.

The triplet takes a leap into modelling agency, a venture they scarcely have a clue about, yet with a task to prepare a lady (GWENEVIERE) twice the size of a hippopotamus for a beauty pageant to earn an agency fee of two million naira.

Trapped in this huddle, they are confronted by a greater nightmare; MANDY a model and friend of Gwen, and T-BASE a Los Angeles based Producer and Modelling agent; a duo whose presence in Gwen’s house is a threat to the actualization of their two million naira goal.

The die is cast, and each man is ready to do anything to protect his interest.




With failed attempt at suicide, a turn of events inspires the triplet to takeadrive to the next level, with the opening of their own ministry “END TIME PHANTUM POWER MINISTIRES INCORPORATED” with Prophet Oselume, Apostle Greg and Bishop KC as General Overseers.

Then comes the big one, an invitation to earn a whooping sum of twenty million naira by casting out a paranoiddemon that has possessed a girl; an experience they’ll ever live to remember.