Life is not a bed or roses, and the road to success is never straight. Everyone wants to be a success but not all are willing to pay the price. Success has been defined to mean a lot of things, the pursuit of which friends have become enemies, brothers adversaries, free men slaves and saint sinners. Millions have met their early graves while even a greater number groan with frustration as casualties along its path, yet reality seem to have eluded the human mind, that the Race is not to the Swift, nor the Battle to the Strong, nor Bread to the Wise, nor Honor to men of Understanding, but TIME and CHANCE happen to the all, and Time and Chance is in the hand of God.There is success… and there is True Success!

This is what High Definition Film Studios aims to achieve with its FRANCHISE blockbuster comedy movie serials, DIARY OF THE TRIPLET.




Nollywood, Nigeria’s film industry is officially the 2nd largest producer of Feature length films in the world, a feat accomplished through so many years of hard work.

Currently in the world of entertainment, comedy has taken the center stage, raking in millions of dollars in stage shows and breaking cinema box office records, in Nigeria, across Africa, and the world at large.

On this backdrop a new generation of Nigerian filmmakers is taking the magic of Nollywood to the wider world and converting international curiosity into a bold statement of cinematic identity.

Now, the movie business is set to witness a ground-breaking Comedy film that will exceed the expectations of Nollywood’s new found status, and one its fans have waited a long time for, DIARY OF THE TRIPLET.

Described as the first Nollywood Franchise movie, with so much thrills and comedy to keep the audience longing for more, it is destined to take the African and international boxoffice by storm.



Shot for cinema on the revolutionary Canon 5D Mark II Camera System  …with the highest level of Visual Realism ever seen in Nollywood …in the unique cinematic style of Bright Wonder O Obasi (Writer/Producer/Director)  BROKEN &AWAY FROM HOME








BRIGHT WONDER O OBASI (Writer/Producer/Director)          PETER KUNDUM (1st Asst. Director)  NONSO AMADI (2nd Asst. Director)   PERE AMATU (Director of Photography)       HALIMA (Asst. Cameraman)   MICHAEL DAVID (Sound Recordist) VICTOR CHUDE (Production Manager)            GERTRUDE SEIBI (Makeup & Costume Design)         CHIDI (Asst. Costumier) JUSTIN THOMAS (Editor)  FRED ASIEDU (Asst. Editor)HAPPY JULIAN (Project Coordinator)      OSAS IYAMU (Associate Producer)           CHINENYE OBASI (Co- Producer)  OJO MOLEEKY (Production Assistant)SHUAIBU (Production Assistant) AGATHA GAMBO (Catering), IVY AGBO (Catering)




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